Stendhal syndrome

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another interesting wordpress site about “addictive, obsessional, compulsive and/or extreme behaviors” & psychological disorders that I stumbled upon:


Here’s a bomb | to blow your mind | Jefferson Hack | The Quotation Game

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No code: recode. The rules are broken. Re-write the rules.


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You should dig him.


Jefferson Hack (co-founder of Dazed, AnOther, NOWNESS, and perhaps more)


The Quotation Game

There are very few people I have met who have the ability to think on their feet as quickly as Jefferson Hack, who I’ve had the honour of working with on a number of books. Having conducted twenty-plus hours of interviews with him in the process of the team effort it took to pull We Can’t Do This Alone together, I suggested it would be fun to play a game in which I would fire a phrase at him that he had spoken about and record his quick-fire response within a strict two-minutes on the stopwatch. It was intended as a way of crystallizing some of the concepts at the core of We Can’t Do This Alone and of creating an alt-glossary, of sorts. Importantly, it was also a nod to the beat doctrine of valuing intuition over pre-considered analysis – a celebration of the ‘first thought, best thought’ mantra of Allen Ginsberg. We called it The Quotation Game and I guess it was not unlike the classic BBC Radio Four game ‘Just-A-Minute’ – in which contestants speak on a chosen subject without pause, repetition or hesitation – although it was double the length, and not quite as draconian in its rules, as that would ruin all the fun. The results are below in full – taking into their sway everything from ‘art directing reality’ to the ‘the fourth dimension’ – and they hit the page more-or-less straight from the horse’s mouth. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed playing it. It’s an insightful wander into the mind of a guy who is constantly thinking way ahead of the curve at the rate of a rock’n’roll finger-click, both seeking and providing constant, intuitive, inspiration.

– John-Paul Pryor




The Re-Wired Generation is a mindset that thinks differently – re-wiring being a metaphor for developing new thinking patterns. It’s about new directions not revolutions – as exciting as a revolution sounds they always lead to failed utopias. To re-wire is a way of re-directing energy, and a way to re-program the system so that we can engage in the creation of a positive future rather than opt for replacing one power structure with another.


Declare Independence is a call to action. It’s a point of provocation and it’s a point of difference. It’s also about accepting that we belong to a tradition, tribe or philosophy that puts art and honesty before commerce and power.


For me, it’s about the emotional experience that good storytelling can give a reader – that sense of empowerment that comes from emotional engagement. It’s about the transference of energy from passive to active.


The best magazines are the ones that you learn something from – they are manuals or toolboxes to open up the mind and inspire and evoke multi-dimensional conversations. On a sub-conscious level we make associations that we may not make with the rational conscious mind. Intuition is the melody that holds the lyric, which is the information. In that respect, I often imagine a physical magazine as a collection of songs, where the information is a layer, and sometimes an ambiguous one at that!


Counter-intuitive intelligence leads me to improbable thinking. It’s about unlikely scenarios. Not impossible ones but achievable ones. Improbable thinking is about not following trends. It’s about looking elsewhere, under the surface, under the radar of the mainstream.

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Pussy (Renata Gąsiorowska) | Ten Meter Tower (Maximilien Van Aertryck & Axel Danielson)

2017 Sundance Shorts

Pussy, directed by Renata Gąsiorowska

a fun exploration of the multifariousness of female sexual pleasure, through the lens of a woman, from a unique angle

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