Printing presses and the pressmen | The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe, May 24, 2017:

Four stories tall, loud as a locomotive, and with at least as many moving parts, The Boston Globe’s printing presses on Morrissey Boulevard will come to a stop next month.

Since 1958 they’ve kept a tight schedule, pressing ink onto newsprint and churning out daily papers into the wee hours, long after New England has drifted off to sleep.

The seasoned hands who play this finely tuned instrument have done so for decades; some families for generations — skin flecked with ink, senses attuned to the pulse of the machine as it turns out tomorrow’s front pages. Soon this nocturnal symphony will end, at least in Dorchester, as the Globe moves all of its printing to a new facility in Taunton.

Here’s a video tribute to the machines and the people who have kept the news rolling all these years.

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Belarusian Folk Music and Dance | Bruegel

From the person who shot this: “This group had a bus breaking down, stranding them in Drammen, to our clear benefit. They are highly talented and well worth having a look at.”

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Peasant Dance - WGA3499.jpg

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Peasant Dance, c. 1567

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Gilian Wearing | Carina Brandes | White Cube (London)

White Cube is currently showing an exhibition titled Dreamers Awake (28 June – 17 September). Among the artists whose works are being shown are Gilian Wearing and Carina Brandes. I found in their works something extremely honest, visceral, and human. Some of their past works:


Gilian Wearing:

2 Gillian

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