БРАТ 1 (1997) & 2 (2000) | Brother

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-Are you gangsters?

-No we’re Russians.

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Pussy (Renata Gąsiorowska) | Ten Meter Tower (Maximilien Van Aertryck & Axel Danielson)

2017 Sundance Shorts

Pussy, directed by Renata Gąsiorowska

a fun exploration of the multifariousness of female sexual pleasure, through the lens of a woman, from a unique angle

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Lucía y el sexo | Choses secrètes | Eyes Wide Shut

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The first time I watched this movie was many years ago. I was in junior high, meaning super sexually active. I don’t think I even finished the movie, probably jumped to the sex scenes directly and masturbated after midnight.

So yeah, it is very sexual. But not like porn. The mystery part is very David Lynch (when the home dog killed the little girl, Lorenzo jumped out of window, curtains blowing, and point-of-view shots at some other scenes). Reminds me of Twin Peaks, and possibly Mulholland Drive.

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Memories of a Penitent Heart

The overall publicity of the film is just not very appealing. Extremely personal (family history), ordinary-looking latino guy from a terribly normal catholic family in Puerto Rico. There was really no reason for me to pay to watch it except the fact that he was gay and lived in New York in the 70s and 80s and died of AIDS. Even that sounds extremely cliche.

But it was such a surprise. Extremely beautiful, moving, complex, relatable but at the same it also disturbs my mind quite a bit and knocks me out of the perspective and set of believes which I so easily and comfortably sink into and forces me to see where others are coming from and that everything is not so simple. The film is set around the tension between two selves, two memories and sets of history, two worlds separated by water as well as ideology and life experience.

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