Жанна Агузарова | Себя ты любишь, но тогда причем тут музыка?

1989 г.

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Belarusian Folk Music and Dance | Bruegel

From the person who shot this: “This group had a bus breaking down, stranding them in Drammen, to our clear benefit. They are highly talented and well worth having a look at.”

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Peasant Dance - WGA3499.jpg

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Peasant Dance, c. 1567

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Me voy a morir de amor | Alberto Iglesias

I thought to append the incredibly beautiful, heart-seizing soundtracks of Sex and Lucia at the end of my post about the film. but the composer really deserves a separate post.


The name Alberto Iglesias shouldn’t be strange to anyone who has watched all Almodóvar’s films. Masterpieces, truly. Besos al maestro.

My body completely surrendered. powerless, like seaweed. It left me shivering in my chair, tears pouring down from my eyes and covering my face.

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